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This is generally run to generate a Christmas card list of best customers. You can either print labels or letters. Pay Period Reports — 6C This set of reports provides you with the numbers that you need to measure actual productivity. Not only are the service men compared to each other, but you can easily follow their progress against their own previous experience. This will mark changes to commissions since the last payroll to be paid at this time. Pay Period Commission Report — 6C1 This report is show either a complete or a summary commission report for a date range. It shows gross sales and commission dollars for each column in the split.

It does not show each column of the split, but just total commission. Pay Period Summary Report - 6C2 Breakdown by Day for each Tech — 6C3 This report shows the commissionable sales and the actual commission computed for each job for each service technician. Any adjustments made to commission for this pay- period will also be included. This report is a complete accounting of payroll.

You can print this report several ways. Names and addresses show where all the jobs are we usually do not release this information to the servicemen after the job is completed. Time spent to do each job. These are taken from the time stamps sent and finished for each man on each job.

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Shows extra night commission in a separate field if defined. Just a listing of amounts as on a tape register. Just the time stamps on each job not the commissions - paid by the hour employees 6C3 Report If there are any commissionable amounts in the 'split' that differ from the amount billed on the invoice, they are flagged with an asterisk. Jobs that have more than one serviceman are flagged as ' SPLIT ' indicating that another technician received payment on the same invoice.

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Bottom Line by Man 6C4 This is a summary report by man of the previous report 6C3 to show each day's sales for each man. It does not show each invoice. Percentage of Collections for Tech 6C5 This report shows what percentage the service technicians collected while on the job. Specific attention is given to COD jobs that were not collected. Changes to Commissions by Date — 6C6 Sometimes commissions are adjusted because part of the job was subcontracted out or part of the job was noncommissioned and is discovered later.

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This record of changes shows what the sales were before and after the change, who changed it, when the job was done, when the commission was changed, and what pay period the difference will be paid in. This data can be modified. Regular Hour and Overtime Hours are always in the first two columns. After that, other hours are user-defined and can include sick hours, vacation hours, shop hours, etc. The pay period reports reflecting this method are 6C1, 6C2, and 6C Office personnel are clocked-in when they log into SBMS the first time.

Each time they log out they are clocked-out. Servicemen are clocked-in when they are sent the first job and clocked-out each time they are finished on a job. The operator can go in manually, in 5N, to record time off for lunch in minutes. The report for this method of keeping time is in 6C Method 3. Each job has a start time and an end time. It assumes that all men on the job were there for those hours.

This is mainly used to track billable hours, however, there is a field on each invoice now to specify billable hours. Method 4 Time for each man on each job — 6C73 Only pre-filed invoices have an area to record time spent on each job per man. The report to access this data is in 6C Date ranges can be entered. One line for each job is listed, so if entering a range of dates, this could be a lengthy report.

The summary report is only in 6C Time cards report on 3 of these methods. Commissions Withheld Report — 6C8 This will list all invoices by date that has a 'Y' in commission withheld. This field is a flag. To use this feature, commissions should not be entered when the flag is 'Y'. When payment is You should at that time enter the commissions. Breakdown for Terminated Employees — 6C9 This is the same report as the Breakdown by day for each man 6C3 except that it will take the information from 'unfiled' invoices rather than filed invoices.

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This way, you will have the payroll report even before all the days in the pay period have been processed. If you decide to terminate a service technician immediately, you can fill in his invoices for the day, and hand him his last pay check on the same day.

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Any differences are noted. This report should be scanned for major differences.

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Paying attention to these things will ensure that you get the most ROI for your ad spending budget. Make sure that each business provides a great prize that people will want to have right away! Obviously, the early city directories had no telephone numbers. The amenities consisted of raised wooden sidewalks along the streets in front of the houses. During the war years, after the completion of the North-Pechora railroad, Kotlas became an important transportation junction.

Bar Graphs 6M show the same statistics. This puts all the commissionable sales for one service technician for the year on one sheet of paper. Adjustments to Invoices — 6F Anytime an adjustment is made to the original invoice, the adjustment is trapped with the initials if using a network of the person making the adjustment. The original amount is stored and the new amount is compared. These are legal applied by a 'Z' adjustment and illegal editing of the invoice adjustments.

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Sometimes, when the month is still open, invoices can be adjusted without causing any problems. Changes made to Billed Amounts tracks changes in the 'total' field on the invoice.

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Changes made to Received Amounts tracks changes in the 'received' field on the invoice. Callback Reports — 6G Callbacks sometimes referred to as recalls are a good method to gauge the quality of work that a particular man does. You can request callbacks for all of the servicemen by date range, or callbacks for a particular serviceman by date range.

The third option will show only the callbacks within a specified period of time between the date of the job and the callback date. If you guarantee your work for six months, but only want to look at the jobs that had to be done over in 90 days, you would choose option 3. To make sure that the data was entered correctly, run option 4 to make sure money was subtracted not added to commission. Dispatch Tracking Reports — 6H 1. Sorts dispatch logs by CSR who took the job. Scans dispatch for cancelled jobs and lists reasons for cancellations.

Dispatch logs with total sales and receivables. Sorts dispatch log by time sent dispatched to jobs 5. Shows jobs taken during specific hours of each day. Shows all jobs sent after 5 pm 7. Shows all jobs dispatched to one service technician 8. Shows job counts of scheduled jobs by each CSR It can be used to verify deposits, List credit card sales, etc. Deposit Log Breakdown — 6IB This report prints out the description of any deposit made which was not posted to a specific invoice.

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These payments are divided by the date of the payment vs. This is a safeguard, so that a CSR cannot put a payment on an invoice that may never make it to the bank. If all payments must go through a deposit in SBMS, then those deposits can be used to reconcile to the bank statement. Money can never get 'lost'.

The invoice can still reflect the payment, however, you have been notified that the money may have never made it to the bank. Bad billing codes are noted in the Sales Reports. Telephone books published by any of these companies can often be identified by the bell on their cover. After the Bell Telephone patents started expiring in , independent telephone companies began to spring up in small towns not yet served by Bell, or sometimes in direct competition with Bell for the same territory.

In most cases, the well-established Bell companies were able to force their direct competitors out of business or buy them up.