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Community leaders and citizens alike voiced excitement over the new 28 story "skyscraper" that would soon dominate the skyline.

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Unexpectedly, construction was halted when the building reached ten stories. It was discovered that the "high-rise" was sinking into the spongy ground. Engineers consulted with an architect from Mexico City , whom had encountered a similar problem while building the city's opera house.

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The consultant determined that the foundation pilings were not set deep enough. To correct the problem, cement supports were poured, which take up much of the space in the building's basement file room even to this day. Jail cells occupied the top nine floors because these heights offered "maximum security" and were considered escape proof.

In , a prisoner housed on the twenty-first floor picked the lock of his jail cell window and used a fire hose to lower himself to freedom. In the years following, more than 70 prisoners escaped from this so-called "secure" prison.

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For many years, the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, at an elevation of feet, was reputed to be the tallest building south of Baltimore. Efforts to refurbish this magnificent structure and restore it to its original grandeur have been underway since by Architect James W.

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Piersol, AIA of M. C Harry Associates Architects of Miami.

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The restoration and renovations initially stabilized the terra cotta facade, and installed new life safety systems. In , the idea of restoring the lobby to its original distinction was the passion of both Architect James Piersol and engineer Don Youatt, of the Miami-Dade Planning and Development Department. A few years later, the same team restored Courtroom , which had been the site of many infamous trials over the years. Today, the Miami-Dade County Courthouse provides offices, chambers, and courtrooms for the clerks and judiciary assigned to both the Circuit and County Civil Court.

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Need an attorney in Suwannee County, Florida? Exhibit C simply does not set forth any valid comparators. Still, misdemeanors are crimes, which means they can include arrests, fingerprints and booking, missed work, a criminal record, etc. A lawyer may do more for you than you realize. Statewide, a disproportionate number of black people are arrested for minor pot charges.

Miami-Dade County Courthouse. National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service.

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July 9, Florida Heritage Tourism Interactive Catalog. Florida's Office of Cultural and Historical Programs. Archived from the original on Welcher October Retrieved County courthouses of Florida. I am honored to lead a team of nearly attorneys assistant public defenders and an equal number of support staff to handle approximately 70, cases each year.

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We are responsible for defending individuals who are determined by the court to be unable to pay for a private attorney. I am proud of all that we have accomplished with very limited resources over the years with as fine a group of people as you will find anywhere. Most could be making far more money in the private sector, but they see their calling in public service. Our nationally recognized training program is designed to ensure we have competent, effective and ethical advocates for our clients. We recruit locally and nationally with just one goal in mind: Putting together a diverse team of outstanding men and women who can do the best job possible on behalf of our clients and the residents and taxpayers of Miami-Dade County.

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