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Or you can mail in a Request for Destruction of Fingerprints and Photo form.

We send your request to the RCMP and it can take up to 1 year to receive a response. Once we hear back from the RCMP, we will send you a letter about the results of your request. Record checks for young persons won't be conducted for any other purpose. To require applicants to apply and pay for a product when no results will be released is not in the best interest of the applicant, community or the police service. If a youth is requesting a copy of their own record for personal reasons, they will be required to submit fingerprints electronically through Real Time Identification.

It will provide the youth with a RCMP report based on a fingerprint search and will contain a copy of the National Repository data holding as it exists, but without fingerprint images. It won't have the official RCMP embossment seal and will be in a plain format only. You can visit our locations in Brampton or Mississauga for record services.

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We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. Record Checks and Suspensions Pardons More. Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check Level 2 : for people who require a criminal records check along with a search of outstanding entries and charges.

Vulnerable Sector Check Level 3 : for those who work or volunteer with vulnerable people.

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You must attend in person. You must produce two pieces of valid government issued identification one of which must have your photo and one with proof of address.

Expired ID will not be accepted. Pictures and photocopies of ID will not be accepted. PIPEDA applies to personal information collected by federal private organizations conducting commercial activities. FIPPA governs records held by the provincial government, designated agencies, colleges, and universities. For more information on what laws an investigator must follow while conducting any investigation, go to Rules and regulations for private investigators. Domestic Investigations Finding abducted children Locating an ex-spouse for child and spousal support Locating an ex-spouse's hidden assets Child custody investigations Personal Investigations Background checks Accessing someone's personal and financial information Finding missing persons Is it legal to carry a weapon, gun, mace or pepper spray?

click Legal Investigations Skip tracing Intellectual property investigations Witness statements, interviews and interrogations Private Investigators How to become a licensed private investigator Rules and regulations for private investigators Types of investigations that private investigators are legally allowed to do Can private investigators carry a badge, gun or other weapon?

Private Investigation In the Workplace Share this page Submit an edit request. Background checks Region: Ontario Answer Why are background checks done? A background check could be conducted for or by an: Individual Business Organization When are background checks done? Often, the position applied for may be one that requires high security or a high degree of trust, such as at a: school hospital or other healthcare provider insurance company, bank or other financial business courthouse airport retail business telecommunications company police or government office Background checks may also be conducted on current employees when considering granting a promotion or reassigning employment duties.

Child custody disputes Parents may hire a private investigator to conduct a background check to provide evidence in a child custody dispute.

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What information can a background check uncover? There are many different types of information that a private investigator can confirm in a background check, including: address verification identity verification routines and places frequented bankruptcies employment history education history credit history criminal convictions property ownership military background tax liens vehicle ownership and driving record professional licenses domain name ownership lawsuits and judgments How does an investigator conduct a background check?

Information that would help an investigator conduct a thorough background check includes: first and last name or name of company last known address residential or business last known phone number, email date of birth or approximate age a Social Insurance Number last know employment Is consent required to conduct a background check? Criminal record verification Checking police records to verify if someone has a criminal record may be required in many situations.

Credit checks Under the Ontario Consumer Reporting Act , an employer can perform a credit check on an employee or prospective employee, but only if the information is to be used for employment purposes. ASK an Expert. Each situation is unique. Turn data into insight and insight into action, so you can get the full story about your employment background check screening program performance. First Advantage Criminal Records Watch enables companies to better protect their brands, workplaces and relationships from risk.

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Criminal records watch from First Advantage provides ongoing rescreening to protect your employees, customers and brand. To Offer Property Managers a Solution.

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Quick and easy background checks. Our agile, compliant solutions allow companies of all sizes to find qualified candidates. Our Background Check Services.