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Commonly, spousal maintenance is a tool to assist a financially disadvantaged spouse, but it is a flexible tool that may be used for many purposes, including to:. If you live in the Seattle or King County area and would like advice about how spousal maintenance alimony might relate to your situation, please contact Seattle divorce attorney Mark Weiss at The amount and duration of spousal maintenance is often set by agreement.

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In a Collaborative Divorce or in Mediation, good budgets and a detailed analysis of current and expected financial circumstances can be helpful in reaching an agreement that is both informed and realistic, to ensure that financial concerns are addressed. There is no formula to determine the amount or the duration of spousal maintenance. Instead of being a legal right, it is an equitable tool. The financial resources of the party seeking maintenance;.

Spousal Support

The standard of living established during the marriage;. The age, physical and emotional condition, and financial obligations of the spouse seeking maintenance; and. Any other factor that could bear on the financial circumstances of each spouse might be considered by a court. For example, an elderly divorcee or ex-partner who cannot reenter the workplace may receive a longer alimony reward.

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Agreeing on alimony in Washington State in is not easy to do! In divorce, all of these fears are normal and have the very same thing in common: Money. This article provides a detailed description of Washington State's spousal In at- fault divorce states, courts sometimes decrease alimony and property awarded.

A disabled divorcee or ex-partner may receive extra benefits to pay for his or her higher cost of living. Generally, the party who seeks modification must petition the court and provide proof of any changed circumstances.

Under federal tax law, alimony may be claimed as a deduction by the paying spouse. The recipient must claim it as income if support is court ordered. In Washington, courts may order temporary, short- and long-term alimony.

New Alimony Tax Rule

Using our extensive financial knowledge of the complex matters of alimony and divorce, we'll discuss your options for maintenance in Washington State. But many marriages are untraditional. And shed some light on what a divorcing couple can do to come an alimony agreement they both find fair. Community property is any asset that was accumulated during the marriage. I star to get a spousal support for 18 months. Some of these factors include how long the couple was married and their financial obligations.

Temporary alimony is granted at the discretion of the court during the divorce proceedings and before the final decree. Short-term alimony may be granted to allow the receiving party time to gain necessary skills.

Long-Term, or permanent, maintenance may be granted to a spouse who has significant needs, and is usually reserved for lengthy marriages. In Washington, alimony is discretionary.

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