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Which they did try, so far unsuccessfully. You can follow the progress of this request in realtime through Missouri Case. After several months of haggling about the price of these records under the Missouri Sunshine Law, the Department of Health and Senior Services attempted to claim to us that these records were not actually available under the law at all. Our attorney responded to the Department's letter, wherein he helpfully pointed out to them that they were breaking the law. He also warned them that we would be filing a lawsuit if they did not comply with the Sunshine Law. Having received no answer to our attorney's letter, we filed in court against the Department in the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri on November 23, After they failed to provide information about multiple e-mails they had refused to turn over in discovery, we filed a notice of deposition on October 15, to make them finally talk about all the e-mails they didn't want us to see, and why.

In this letter, our attorney Bernie Rhodes lays out the long history of the four different Assistant Attorneys General of Missouri refusing to cough up hundreds of supposedly "privileged" e-mails, and sets a deposition date of December 11, Missouri DHSS refused to turn over hundreds of internal e-mails and documents to our attorney, claiming they were privileged, but then refused to explain why they were privileged, even when in a closed deposition. So in January we filed a Motion to Compel Production, to force them to turn over the files. Here's thirty-six more pages of fun.

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The sub-heading titles include "Looking for dirt on Reclaim the Records" and "The secret plan to deny Ms. You know, the usual behavior you'd expect from a state government agency. The founder and president of Reclaim The Records, who originally filed the two Sunshine Law requests in this suit, gave her affidavit to the court When we got a trove of their e-mails in discovery, we found one from the former Missouri State Registrar Garland Land, who blatantly advised DHSS to break the Missouri Sunshine Law by only responding with "mounds of paper" rather than the database version required by the Sunshine Law, and to also make us request each date individually, rather than a date range.

State or Vital Records Jurisdiction: Missouri. Law: Missouri Sunshine Law.

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Record Type: Death Records. Record Physical Format: Database format.

Birth and Death Certificates.

Number of Records Estimated : Unknown. Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is A problem of calculating the actual costs The Department has apparently been using this birth and death data for years as a revenue source, charging researchers and scientists for access to birth and death index data by the day , rather than making all of the records open data. Therefore, the Department wanted to charge us not for the couple of hours of work required to do a one-time database dump to a USB drive, but rather charge us for each day of content we were requesting.

In case you were wondering, 11, hours is more than a year of work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For privacy purposes, the only persons that are able to request a certified copy of a Missouri birth or death certificate are: Registrant Immediate family member Legal guardian Please bring your guardianship papers Legal representative Please note: Birth certificates are available for any person born in Missouri since Death certificates are available for any death that occurred in Missouri since Not all records will be available for printing due to various reasons.

For information used for genealogical purposes, please contact the Missouri Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records or call How do I make a request?

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You may make your request in person, by mail, or online. You should be proud to be a writer or genealogist. Even if you do not have much experience at doing these tasks, you can feel confident in completing a research paper or family tree if you know how to utilize the helpful background resources available to you.

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Search U. Driver's license, Work I. The St. Doing Business in Columbia. Complete an application and pay the required fee by cash, check, or money order. Order online by clicking here.

You just need to do some extra digging to find this amazing source material. Forums and websites that cater to the subjects of research and genealogy can be of great help. You may even have a friend or family member who has had his share of research time, putting a paper together or creating his own family tree.

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The Missouri Death Certificate database can be searched by first, middle and last name, county, year and month. Digitized images of the original death. The Missouri Birth and Death Records Database is an abstract of the birth, stillbirth, and death records recorded before and that are available on microfilm.

The thorough research you conduct now will almost surely reward you. Your paper may receive that excellent grade. Your family will be pleased that you took the time and care to memorialize the family. Have a wonderful time uncovering the past.

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Once a name is selected, a digitized image of the original certificate can be retrieved. Birth Certificates. Death Records. Marriage licenses.

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Mail Order. You must be a member of the individual's immediate family in order to obtain a birth certificate. Click here to search the Social Security Death Index.

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