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PBS NewsHour. It's the Sun, stupid , wattsupwiththat. This conclusion is based on a substantial array of scientific evidence, including recent work, and is consistent with the conclusions of recent assessments by the [USGCRP], the [IPCC], and other assessments of the state of scientific knowledge on climate change Most of the warming over the last several decades can be attributes to human activities that release carbon dioxide CO 2 , and other heat-trapping grenhouse gases GHGs into the atmosphere.

These experiments indicate that models cannot reproduce the rapid warming observed in recent decades when they only take into account variations in solar output and volcanic activity. Washington, D. Archived from the original PDF on In all climate models, increases in carbon dioxide cause warming at the surface and in the troposphere, but lead to cooling of the stratosphere There is a good match between the Herring November Presentation library on the U.

Archived from the original on 3 July These changes took place over a time period when non-anthropogenic forcing factors i. The clear message from fingerprint studies is that the observed warming over the last half-century cannot be explained by natural factors, and is instead caused primarily by human factors. Archived from the original on July 15, The Heartland Institute.

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March 4, Pipe Dream or Viable Energy? The Weekly Times. Watts Up With That. The purpose of The OAS is to provide a paperless and entirely online professional organization that will represent individuals who have been unrepresented by existing professional organizations that have become more activist than science based in their outlook. The blog played an important role in the Climategate fiasco, through its dissemination of the hacked CRU emails.

Cherry-picking quotes in order to make the scientists appear as though they were discussing data manipulation, bloggers such as Watts whipped up a pseudo-scandal that reverberated for years despite the fact that a series of nine investigations in the U. Scientific American.

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House Hearing, Congress. Government Printing Office.

Climategate and the failure of Copenhagen coincided with a widespread decline in public acceptance that global warming was happening, was caused by humans, and was a serious threat Climategate can also explain the erosion of public trust in scientists as sources of information on global warming after Is the U.

Heartland Institute. By early June , thanks to a grass roots network of volunteers, SurfaceStations. The investigators found hundreds of surface weather stations across the United States that were improperly located near water treatment plants, pavements, air conditioners, and other sources of artificial heat. Though the report wasn't a peer-reviewed study, it made quite a splash in the US media and the blogosphere.

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Eliminating the "suspect" data made virtually no difference at all; in fact, the small bias that was found was of the opposite sign. The "corrected" record showed slightly more warming! They found that any bias introduced by poor siting had been mostly compensated for by the data reduction, which was designed precisely to remove biases by comparisons over regions and time.

But if the raw data only were considered, the poor sites did not tend to overestimate warming compared with what NOAA had reported, as Watts had assumed; if anything the warming from these sites was greater than NOAA's earlier figures. These photos attempt to communicate that the global warming trend is being inflated by poor temperature data Poor sites show a cooler trend than good sites. All those photographed weather stations near car parks are actually giving cooler readings than pristine weather stations.

Results indicate that In summary, we find no evidence that the CONUS average temperature trends are inflated due to poor station siting. Journal of Geophysical Research. Bibcode : JGRD.. We have also studied station quality.

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Sure, a birth announcement is only three lines of small type, but I remember it was an exciting moment for me as a parent when I saw each one. MARCH 17, FREMONT MEDICAL CENTER AGNISH??? Hemant and Simpy of Yuba City, a daughter. ARMISTEAD??? Patricia of Yuba.

Many U. However, we find that the warming seen in the "poor" stations is virtually indistinguishable from that seen in the "good" stations. Watts Up With That? Retrieved 4 Jun Watts says his assessment of temperature stations shows that poor weather station siting has "spuriously" doubled estimates of temperature rise in the US Watts, Anthony 29 July Archived from the original on 31 July The new analysis demonstrates that reported U.

Washington Post. Watts is asserting the U. The unadjusted highest quality temperature records in the U.