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Towne Estate to get out wood from the large tracts owned by them in this area. The history of the city and town of Coachella dates back more than years to when the Coachella Valley was merely a part of the great undeveloped sand waste of the Colorado River basin. At that time, a heavy growth of mesquite and greasewood covered the valley.

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This area came into being as a place on the map when Jason L. Rector, known as the town's founder, established a mesquite wood terminal on a Southern Pacific Railroad siding from where lumber was hauled to market in Los Angeles. The townsite was known as Woodspur for the first three years of its existence.

The Story of Laguna Beach, California

Rector relinquished this work and carried into execution a long cherished plan of surveying the valley. His next step was to put down a well to test the idea that an abundance of water was available for irrigation. Settlement in the area did not begin until Rector, aided by his brother Lon B.

Rector, had a well dug on the raw desert four miles east of Indio. This first well tapped a fine pure artesian water well on what is now covered by the intersection of Grapefruit Avenue and Fifth Street in Coachella , which descended feet and took eight months to dig.

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The Rectors completed the well in November of The Rectors then set about laying a townsite on land owned by J. In this they had the help of C. Mawby and the backing of the Requa interests. A name had to be selected for the future town, and the suggestion was made that it be called Rector. However, Mr. This name was agreed upon.

The developers formally laid out the townsite in January , and sent a prospectus to the printers, which was to announce the opening of the new town and the tremendous agricultural possibilities in the surrounding area. Once you receive your order results, if the information contained is limited, we will perform one FREE county level search for you.

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Data set is updated monthly. Privacy Statement - Security - Terms of Use. Criminal Background Records www. Order Criminal Record. The end of World War II saw California experiencing a tremendous population increase, which resulted in the sporadic formation of cities and special service districts.


Additionally, Oakland ranked fourth in cities with professional opportunities. Main article: History of Oakland, California. Vermont State-wide Effective date: July 1, Search form. The Warriors announced in April that they will leave Oakland once their new arena is built across the Bay in San Francisco, while the Raiders are in the process of relocating to Las Vegas. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Ice was manufactured by the most modern methods and at a less cost than in almost any other part of Southern California.

The results of this development boom became evident as more of California's agricultural land was converted to urban uses. Premature and unplanned development created inefficient, expensive systems of delivering public services using various small units of local government. Edmund G.